The Repopulation Launches Second Patch in a Month

The team at Above and Beyond technologies just keeps cranking out patches for The Repopulation. This will be the second patching being released in the month of February and it makes some significant changes to the combat system. The team hopes the updated combat system will result in combat that feels cleaner and is more enjoyable.

Harvesting also receives a major rework which adds new harvesting tools, static harvesting stations and removes the need to manually equip harvesters. As with pretty much every patch for The Repopulation, there are also a handful of new missions and other quality of life fixes contained in the update.

The full patch notes are available on the official website.

Repopulation playershop

The biggest changes this month center around the combat and skills systems. We went through every skill in the game doing a series of balance work and improvements. Melee received the largest amount of upgrades, with most melee special abilities being moved to a cone of attack system. The chance of buffs and debuffs to take effect were increased across the board to make them more reliable and reduce the amount of chance in an encounter. We also introduced five new stats, tweaked numerous opening types. The end result is that combat feels much better overall.

The resource system received a massive overhaul in this patch. Manual (whack-a-node) harvesting and corpse extractions received a massive overhaul which provides a variable resource count based on the difficulty of the area you are in or the mob you are extracting. Triple hitter nodes are now a single hit but result in multiple results per hit. Harvesting tools will also be automatically switched without needing to manually equip them. Harvesters received similar improvements with several new types of harvesters being added into the game, and the output from harvested nodes being increased. There are also now static harvesting locations which will always be available, primarily for water.

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