Requiem Online Comes to Steam

Steam is quickly becoming a one stop shop for every digital product on the planet. Ultimately, this is a good thing. Following the trend, Warpportal has announced that Requiem is now available on the Steam platform.  The game can be downloaded either through the official website or their Steam page. The release on Steam might serve to bring this niche MMO to a larger audience.


Requiem is an older title that many in the community might not be familiar with. The title was originally launched in 2008 and is developed by Gravity, the same team behind successful titles such as Ragnarok Online and ROSE. It is set in a dark fantasy world and  features a mature and gritty aesthetic. The standout feature of this MMORPG is its “DNA system” which allows players to modify their characters abilities and statistics by utilizing the DNA mechanic.

“The Requiem Team is very excited to open up Requiem to a whole new audience. As avid Steam users ourselves, we know that this platform can bring great potential to our game not only in obtaining a whole new audience, but also in that we get to hear more feedback to make our game even better!”

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