Revelation Online Arrives to Steam

It seems like today is the day where several MMORPGs decide to make their way onto Steam. We can now count Revelation Online to the ever-growing list as today marks the Revelation Online Steam launch, bringing over the complete title’s form and all of its updates to the popular games distribution platform.

revelation online steam launch

As one would expect, Revelation Online’s arrival to Steam is the full game, which includes seven classes and nine expansion udpates’ worth of content including game modes, housing features, dungeons and plenty more.

To mark the game’s arrival to Steam, every new user that arrives to the game on the platform can claim a free welcoming pack that adds a unique title and a pet to sit on top of your head. The Steam page is also offering the usual bundle of starter packs to buy full of boosts and other goodies if they so choose.

In any case, the full game is free-to-play. A trailer was hitched to the launch announcement which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

It’s hard to say whether Revelation Online is going to make any sort of significant impact to Steam with all of the other MMORPGs arriving to the platform. We’ll have to wait and see what players have to say…though if the comment sections of other games are anything to go by, they probably won’t be glowing or particularly insightful.

Source: press release

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