Riders of Icarus Rift of the Damned Update Detailed

The new Riders of Icarus Rift of the Damned update is bringing several new pieces of content to the mount-centric MMO as players ready to enter the Titrael Rift.


The titular Rift of the Damned is the first fully airborne location in Riders of Icarus, and challenges players to fight back voidal forces that populate a region created by a titanic clash of gods.

The new update will increase the game’s level cap and brings new quests, a new level 39 dungeon, new class skills and several new void mounts to conquer including such cuddly-sounding creatures as Paragas the Mad and Karasha the Dark One.

Rift of the Damned is set to arrive on September 28th. A gameplay trailer for the upcoming update can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Riders of Icarus is still only in an open beta format, but the game is growing already. The new Titrael Rift area looks fascinating, and the new mounts showcased in the video are some of the more unique-looking the game has yet created. We’re looking forward to the new updates coming and hope that players have fun!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about the Rift of the Damned update? Are you looking forward to any part of content specifically? Give us what you think about this upcoming release in the comments below.

Source: Press release

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