Rise of Tiamat Update Coming to Neverwinter

The popular Perfect World Entertainment game Neverwinter has announced a brand new expansion. The fifth module for the game will be called Rise of Tiamat. The events in the story line take place proceeding the events of Module four. It will have adventures battling some of the most powerful dragons in all of Neverwinter. At this time little information is known in regards to release date or specifics in content. What  we do know is it will be released in a similar time frame as the Wizards of the coast DND tabletop module of the same name.

Module 5: Rise of Tiamat will also bring a new paragon path for the Scourge Warlock class, new items, bigger battles and much more! Check out the new Neverwinter Official Story Trailer and get ready to battle Tiamat. As we have new information we will be sure to post it here on MMOgames.com

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