Rocket League Unveils an Anniversary Update

Two years of rocket-powered race cars playing sports in gigantic arenas are about to be celebrated, as the Rocket League Anniversary Update has been announced at this year’s RLCS. The celebration will be bringing fans a new field, new cars, and new customization options.

rocket league anniversary update

The Champions Field will be the new pitch offered to Rocket League, a modern-style Standard stadium that will be available for play in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches. The Anniversary Update will also signal the end of Competitive Season 4 and the start of Competitive Season 5.

The update will also offer up two new cars in the new Overdrive Crate: the Animus GP and the Centio V17. There will also be new customization options such as goal explosions, engine audio, and tire trails offered for free or as part of a Crate drop. The update will also bring 18 new songs, new achievements, and new trophies as well.

The Anniversary Update is set to arrive on Wednesday, July 5th. More details are available here, and a trailer for the content can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Early congratulations to Rocket League for two years! The new field looks really stunning, and we definitely like a lot of the new customization options coming to the game. Here’s hoping to many more years of car soccer! Or car football as one prefers.

Source: press release

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