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[Updated] Smash+Grab Developer United Front Games Shut Down

Update: October 19, 2016

A new announcement concerning refunds was posted earlier today on the Smash+Grab Steam early access page, confirming that development has stopped and that the game would no longer be receiving any support. Refunds are therefore available to all players who purchased Smash+Grab, regardless of their number of hours played. This sudden development is indeed due to the fact that United Front Games shut down.

It seems that there were some direct farewells going on on the Smash+Grab Discord server, with developers showing concept art as it would no longer be used, and talking about packing their stuff after being let go. By the sound of it, the shutdown was as unexpected for employees as it was for the audience. These are extremely sad times for the UFG team and we wish them again the best of luck in finding new ventures.


In a very sudden twist of events, and definitely unexpected since Smash+Grab launched on Steam early access and just held a free trial weeekend, it appears that Canadian studio United Front Games is closing down, if it hasn’t already. United Front Games shutting down would seem extremely unlikely if it weren’t for small hints scattered around the web.

Smash And Grab

Although the game’s official website was not updated yet with any information and those who purchased the game can still play it according to the source, Smash+Grab is no longer available to purchase on its Steam page.

This is quite an ominous sign when associated with tweets from members of the game studio, who are either saying goodbye to their team or talking about vacancies. Here is one of many telling examples:

Smash+Grab was self-published by United Front Games studio, which may have been a source of financial pressure and a possible cause for this shutdown according to the source, but we will not know more details until an official announcement is published.


Our Thoughts:

It would be extremely unfortunate for United Front Games to be shutting down so soon and so suddenly but judging from the tweets cited it’s already too late. We wish the United Front Games folks all the best in finding new opportunities and we’re genuinely sorry to see Smash+Grab go away in a blink.

We will be waiting for an official update on this story and keep you posted.

Your Thoughts:

Did you try Smash+Grab during its free weekend or buy into the early access version already? What do you think about the sudden shutdown of the studio? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

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