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RuneScape Streamer Tips Pizza Man Over $1,200

Being a pizza delivery driver is often a thankless and stressful job. Anyone who has ever worked in the service industry will have little trouble empathizing. The hours are long and the money is often barely enough to make ends meat. The holiday season can be rough on a lot of us. Christmas gifts can easily put a strain on our finances, and some can’t afford gifts at all.

Photo taken by Melanie Maxwell of The Ann Arbor News

Photo taken by Melanie Maxwell of The Ann Arbor News

Such was the case for delivery driver Charlie McCormick. His mother had recently passed away in September and things were looking rather grim for his holidays. According to Michigan local news site Mlive, things got a lot brighter for Charlie, when a local resident- Joey DeGrandis, gave him a tip for over $1,200.

DeGrandis, had gathered over $600 in the course of an 18 hour RuneScape gaming marathon. The session was broadcast via the popular streaming Twitch TV, where donations where taken from other users. The story quickly gained steam on social media outlets and another $600 was raised.

“There was tons of positive feedback,” DeGrandis said. “It really resonated throughout the entire community. We could not have asked for a better candidate for the whole thing.”

Before the event DeGrandis called a local pizza parlor and made arrangements with the manager. DeGrandis requested that whoever be sent be someone who could really benefit from the extra cash flow. In the youtube video, which has since gone viral, Charlie McCormick seemed absolutely shocked. He can be seen on video repeatedly asking “is this for real”. Yes Charlie, it’s real, and it really warms our heart.

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