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Sony, Activision Blizzard Sued Over Online Games

November 8th news about Activision Blizzard Sued: So far nothing has been announced by any party mentioned in this article. We are looking for more info. If you know more and do know people that could inform us further, please contact us!

Update #1

Sept 17th; Sony Corp., maker of the PlayStation video-game systems, and games manufacturer Activision Blizzard Inc. were sued by a company that claims “World of Warcraft” and other online games use its inventions. Also named in the complaint filed today by PalTalk Holdings Inc. were NCSoft Corp., South Korea’s biggest online-game maker and developer of the “Guild Wars” series; U.K. developer Jagex Ltd., maker of the “Runescape” online game; and closely held Turbine Inc., which has a “Lord of the Rings” online game.

Closely held PalTalk claims the companies are infringing two patents for ways to control interactive applications over multiple computers that were developed by MPath Interactive Inc. MPath was an early pioneer of online gaming that provided technology for Sony and the companies that merged to form Activision Blizzard, according to the complaint. PalTalk said it bought the patents in 2002. “Certain game play on the PS3 or PSP and through the PlayStation Network online gaming service infringes the PalTalk patents,” PalTalk said in the complaint filed in federal court in Marshall, Texas. It is seeking damages “in at least the tens of millions of dollars” from each of the companies.

The complaint targets games made for the PlayStation by Sony’s own units or under contract with Sony, including the EverQuest game that has more than 430,000 monthly subscribers. Activision Blizzard’s Activision unit makes the “Call of Duty” games for PlayStation and other games systems, including Nintendo Co.’s Wii. The Blizzard unit’s “World of Warcraft” has about 11.5 million monthly subscribers, according to the complaint.

PalTalk previously sued Microsoft Corp., maker of the Xbox video game system over that technology and the popular Halo shooter game. The case settled during a trial in which PalTalk was seeking $90 million. A Microsoft lawyer told jurors that PalTalk bought the patents for less than $200,000. Ryan James, a spokesman for Seoul-based NCsoft, and Adam Mersky, a Turbine spokesman, said their companies don’t comment on litigation. Officials with the other companies didn’t immediately return messages seeking comment.

Activision Blizzard, based in Santa Monica, California, is the world’s biggest video-game publisher. The case is PalTalk Holdings Inc. v. Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc., 09cv274, U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Texas (Marshall).

Source: Bloomberg

Update #2

On November 8th we got a very nice email from the people over at Mechscape World;

I was wondering if you were aware of the following statement made by the Jagex CEO back on the 17th of September:

“Hi Guys,
Just to bring you up to speed, whilst Paltalk is making as much PR capital as they can on this matter, Jagex have yet to be served with any court papers and I expect being a British company it will probably take a few months before that happens. Jagex respect all 3rd party IP rights and prides itself on developing all of our own technology which has not only made us a leader in this space but also means we are confident having assessed their patents, that there is no merit to their claims and this is all simply the work of ambulance chasers trying to extort money from a successful games studio.

Naturally I can’t speak for Activision or Sony, but it goes without saying that we will vigorously defend ourselves against any claims and whilst it may take a number of months or possibly even years for Jagex to triumph, there is no doubt we will triumph. The accusations will not affect Jagex’s operation in any way nor stop us continuing to create the world’s best online games.

Mark Gerhard “


– Ren of MechScape World


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