Star Citizen Reveals From Pupil to Planet Trailer

Robert Space Industries has revealed an amazing gift for fans of Star Citizen! Okay, it might not be the release of the game, but it is a trailer showcasing how the procedurally generated planet system works in the revolutionary space game.

Star Citizen Reveals From Pupil to Planet Trailer

The trailer, titled From Pupil to Planet, grants us all a better impression of how the generation of planets works in Star Citizen. The procedural rocky planet from the video has a 1000 KM diameter, and is combined with a custom landing location. With a seamless transition from space to ground level, and atmospherics based on a physically accurate model of light transport that takes multiple scattering into account, it’s a marvelous representation of space. The planets are so big that they couldn’t possibly fit in memory, so the planet surface is procedurally generated on-demand at different LODs as the camera moves.

With 64 bit positioning and camera relative rendering are used in combination with other techniques to avoid the loss of precision at a planetary scale. The gorgeous video, which you can see below, features 100% in-engine footage and has been rendered in real time. Go ahead and be in awe of it, we totally understand.

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Our Thoughts

If we weren’t clear enough about our excitement for the masterpiece that is Star Citizen before, then we would like to just clarify that this game is absolutely insane and is gonna blow everyone’s mind. What Star Citizen does has never been done before, and they’re doing it to absolute perfection. We simply can’t wait to get our hands on this game!


Source: Robert Space Industries Website

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