Star Citizen

Star Citizen Talks Development, Loses Executive Producer, and Opens German Office

Star Citizen is one ambitious game of internet spaceships that if it weren’t for the barrels of money they earned from crowdfunding and the consistent updates we might be confused into assuming that we would never see the game, and the recent announcement of the FPS module delay might even confirm that fear.

Ongoing Development Updates

However that’s not the case as of now, with the Star Citizen monthly update telling us about all of the neat things – such as world maps coming online – that are going on within Cloud Imperium Games that will bring Star Citizen together in to a complete sandbox experience. And with a further Star Marine update taking a closer look at the engineering issues, Star Citizen is keeping us pretty well informed of the ongoing development.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Loses Executive Producer Alex Mayberry

There may be trouble afoot as it is looking highly likely that Star Citizen’s Executive Producer Alex Mayberry may have left the project as his LinkedIn profile lists him as working with Cloud Imperium up until June 2015. This means he has changed it from being a present position though Cloud Imperium have not yet commented on the situation. He wouldn’t be the first to leave the studio with Associate Producer Travis Day also leaving quite recently.

New Office Brings New Talent to Studio

However, in brighter news, Cloud Imperium Games have opened up a new development office in Frankfurt, Germany “comprised of some of the top engineers, artists and designers in Europe, many of whom had responsibility in creating the engine technology, CryEngine, which is the foundational framework for Star Citizen.” The experience that the new Frankfurt team brings to Star Citizen should bring some good stuff to the game in the near future and they are currently recruiting to expand their number.


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