Star Citizen’s Squadron 42 Release Date Shifts Again

According to reports from a German gaming site, it appears that the Squadron 42 release date will once more shift as Star Citizen’s development continues on.


The report in question is cited by GameStar magazine, a German gaming site that was discussing Star Citizen itself. According to PCGamesN, Chris Roberts is stated as saying that Squadron 42 will now release in the middle or end of 2017, instead of 2016 as is still being shown on the module’s official site.

The delay has not been otherwise officially confirmed or acknowledged by Chris Roberts or Roberts Space Industries.

Our Thoughts

The continued challenge of making a game like Star Citizen come to life appears to have near-endless bumps in the road. While we’re not exactly thrilled at the idea of a delay, Star Citizen features and Squadron 42 have been delayed before, so we can’t really work up too much anger. Better to release a full product than an unfinished one.

Your Thoughts

How do you feel about the Squadron 42 delay? Does this affect your interest in Star Citizen as a whole? Give us your thoughts in the comments.

Source: GameStar via PCGamesN

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