Star Trek Online: New Fleet Armada

Star Trek Online players have been asking for improvements to the games’ existing fleet system for ages. Today, Arc Games answered them, introducing a new armada system that overhauls the existing fleet system.

Star Trek Online: Armadas


According to a recent dev blog post, Star Trek Online will receive a complete overhaul to the existing fleet system. Arc Games has introduced the Fleet Armada system that helps fleets organize, communicate, and execute projects.

When the upcoming patch is implemented, both large and small fleets will be able to share resources and speed up constructions of fleet holdings. From the dev blog:

Fleets will soon be able join together to form vast Armadas to share resources and speed up the construction of Fleet Holdings. Armadas are composed of a top level Fleet, called the Alpha Fleet, which can invite up to three other Fleets to become subordinate Beta Fleets. These Beta Fleets can additionally each invite up to three other Fleets to become their subordinate Gamma Fleets, allowing for a maximum Armada size of thirteen Fleets.

The existing fleet communication system has also been reworked. Players can now talk via fleet chat and give resources to any other fleet in the armada. From the dev blog:

All Fleets in an Armada share a new Armada chat channel, and can contribute resources to the Fleet Projects of any other Fleet in the Armada. Fleets will be able to control which projects other Fleets are allowed to donate to, and will be able to control both what resources their Fleet members can donate to other Fleets and what resources other Fleets can donate to them.

Source: Star Trek Online

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