Star Trek Online Revamps the Cardassian Struggle Arc

Uh-oh, the True Way, a group of Cardassian nationalists who refused to accept the treaty that ended the Dominion war, has stolen an Orb of the Prophets from the Cardassian Union! Resentment against the Federation and the Klingon Empire grew when Cardassia was occupied by Alliance forces as part of the terms of that treaty, and the True Way’s influence has been continuously growing ever since.

Star Trek Online 3

Now the Cardassion Union, in exchange for help from Starfleet, has agreed to allow the Orb to return to Bajor, where it truly belongs. Commander Sarish Minna of Deep Space 9 is requesting your help in recovering the Orb in the new episode in Star Trek Online: Spoils of War.

Spoils of War will be the first episode in the updated Cardassian Struggle Arc. Four new episodes will be unveiled over the next few weeks. They will function as a replacement of the existing Cardassian Struggle episodes from Badlands through Cage of Fire. The remainder of the arc, beginning with Second Wave, will remain unchanged.

The updated missions will be available to all players level 35 and will go up with the launch of Season 11. You can access these missions with ease by accessing your Mission Journal, selecting Cardassian Struggle, and choosing to “hail” your contact for the mission.

Source: Arc Games Official Website

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