Star Trek Online Season 13 Gets a Mid-Season Content Update

There’s a Star Trek Online Season 13.5 update incoming. A half-of-an-update, if you will. Despite the numbering of this update, the new patch will be offering up a couple of pretty big pieces of gameplay for PC Captains.

star trek online season 13.5

Season 13.5’s featured episode is titled “Brushfire”, and will task players with breaking out the Klingon general Martok in the hopes that he will be able to finally defeat the Tzenkethi. The new episode will feature vocal performances by actors Tony Todd from Star Trek: TNG and J.G. Hertzler from Deep Space Nine.

The new update will also introduce a new Ferengi Admiralty Campaign as well as the new Endeavor System which will let players attempt challenges every few days for unique rewards.

Season 13.5 is due to arrive on PC Tuesday, July 18th. You can find out more on the Star Trek Online website.

Our Thoughts

For being a mid-season update, this is not too bad as far as content goes. Of course, whether the challenges issued in the Endeavor System and the missions in the Ferengi Admiralty Campaign are engaging enough remain to be seen, but at least another episode in the main story isn’t bad.

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