Star Trek Online: Victory is Life Console Launch Announced

The headline just about says it all, but the point does bear a bit of repeating. A calendar date for the Victory is Life console launch has been officially confirmed, letting PS4 and Xbox One Captains of Star Trek Online get their DS9 adventure on.

victory is life console launch

Tuesday, July 24th will bring console players of STO to the Gamma Quadrant and into the conflict against the Hur’q. As most STO fans are already familiar, the new expansion reunites 12 of the original cast members of Deep Space Nine, along with a new Battlezone and the new Jem’Hadar playable faction along with the continuing storyline from the game.

If you’re perhaps unfamiliar with the new Gamma Quadrant Battlezone, the devs have very kindly put out a blog detailing how it works. As you’re flying in this sector of space, you’ll see alerts about hot spots where the Hur’q are attacking. Engaging in these operations will offer progress for everyone in the sector and the more that take part, the more progress is earned.

Of course, taking on angry internet spaceships isn’t the only reward. Completing these operations will grant players personal rewards as well as bonuses depending on how frequently they take part in these Battlezone engagements. Rewards include experience, expertise, Gamma marks, and dilithium.

Our Thoughts

Not much more that we can elaborate on here, honestly. Victory is Life is here for console players and we hope those players have a good time. We suppose the only additional thought we could come up with is how the actors who played Ferengi managed to work with all of that makeup.

Sources: press release, official site

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