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Star Trek Online’s Reckoning Update Arrives to Consoles

Captains of Star Trek Online on PS4 and Xbox One can now claim closer parity with their PC-playing counterparts with the arrival of the Reckoning update. The Season 12 content lets console players experience the next chapter in the game’s story while experiencing a variety of other new game systems.

reckoning update

Season 12’s new chapter “Of Signs and Portents” picks up right where Agents of Yesterday left off. Players must join forces with the Lukari and a contingent of Klingons to stop the Tzenkethi, a powerful and intelligent warp-capable new race that has ravaged a newly-discovered planet with a protomatter bomb.

Console players will also get to climb the ranks of the new Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation, craft new items with the Research School, clash with the Tzenkethi in a new Space Battlezone, and enter two new Space Queues.

Season 12: Reckoning arrives today. You can read up about the new update on the Star Trek Online website or check out the new trailer below.

Our Thoughts

We’re glad to see that all players of Star Trek Online are on even footing in terms of content. Hopefully this will pave the way for updates to all three versions of the MMO to be up-to-date simultaneously. In the meantime, we hope that players on PS4 and Xbox One enjoy the new content!

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