SWTOR Goes Free to Play This November

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a subscription-based Sci-Fi MMORPG based on the popular Star Wars universe. After launching in December 2011 with little end-game content and lackluster features outside of what polish the game did actually have, SWTOR has failed to maintain the growth it seemed to have at launch. Quickly losing subscribers and traction, developer BioWare has decided to take a different approach by opening the game up to more players who may not have had the ability or interest to play beforehand. Star Wars: The Old Republic will soon offer a free to play option for players new and old.

MMO Games Star Wars: The Old Republic Screenshot

In November this year, almost one year after launch, Star Wars: The Old Republic will offer the entire core experience up to level 50 for free, except for a few advanced features of course. Players who wish to enjoy post-50 content, and any newer content after then, will either need to subscribe to the game, or pay for the content. A cash shop will be introduced for free to play players to buy content, as well as other cosmetical and convenience items. Subscribers will receive free Cartel Coins (cash shop currency) each month to spend in the cash shop, while free to play players must buy the coins for real cash. 

For those who are already a subscriber, or have subscribed in the past, you will receive a bunch of rewards for your veteran status. Past subscribers will receive 150 Cartel Coins per paid month up until free to play conversion, along with a nice one-time bonus of 1,000 Cartel Coins. Collector’s Edition owners will also receive a Heroes Banner. If you aren’t a subscriber, it’s not too late, from today until free-to-play you can subscribe to receive extra rewards when the game finally converts. That’s if, you want the rewards bad enough to start playing now rather than later.

Visit the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site to find out more!

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