Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2 Launches Tomorrow

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a subscription-based sci-fi MMORPG based on the Star Wars Universe. Yesterday the developer BioWare announced that update 1.2 ‘legacy’ will be releasing tomorrow, April 12th. This update brings a wide range of new content to SWTOR, featuring a new Flashpoint, a new Warzone and Operation, and finally a number of new systems which players should be rather pleased with.

MMO Games Star Wars The Old Republic Screenshot

The legacy system in SWTOR has been greatly expanded upon, now offering players the ability to tie their different characters together into family trees. Each character unlocks special abilities for themselves through the legacy system. Other improvements to look forward to are Guild Banks, a Combat Log, and finally some User Interface customization options.

Explosive Conflict, the name of the new operation set on the planet of Denova. The Imperial invaders and Republic-backed mercenaries who battle fiercely with each other have now stopped and sworn allegiance to a powerful warlord. Neither sides will allow such a betrayal and are sending you and your allies to eliminate this threat. The new Flashpoint, The Lost Island, will pick up immediately after the events of Kaon Under Siege and will have players venturing out to a small island on Ord Mantell.

Visit the official Star Wars: The Old Republic site to find out more!

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