STO Command Ships Preview

Star Trek Online is having a live stream tomorrow at 1PM PDT to preview the newest class of vessels, the Command Ships.


The STO community manager, CaptainSmirk, will be joined by guest devs, Ian ‘JamJamz’ Richards and Nick ‘CrypticQuack’ Quackebush. Or as stated on the annoucement:

Join CaptainSmirk and special guest devs, Ian ‘JamJamz’ Richards and Nick ‘CrypticQuack’ Quackebush, for our Livestream starting on Friday, February 13th, at 1PM PDT (click here for your local timezone), as we bring you a tour of the newest ships, and a demo of their Command Abilities. The Command Bridge Officers designed specifically for these ships have amazing new abilities, and will be a part of our demo. We will also take an indepth look at the myriad of customization options available in the ship tailor.

As it is also Valentine’s Day weekend, and we will be giving our Romulan and Klingon allies some love by showing off their faction versions of these incredible Command ships!

Star Trek Online

Something tells me that a Klingon Valentine is not for the faint of heart. With any luck, neither will the ship be.

In other STO related news, last week they announced the promotion of Stephen Ricossa to Executive Producer, so this reveal will be the first with him at the helm but almost certainly smooth sailing ahead. You can read the 5th Anniversary Interview Stephen gave to us here.

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