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Strongholds coming to Neverwinter

Strongholds bring real estate to Dungeons & Dragons: the newest expansion for Neverwinter is giving guild players a chance to work and live together.



For the first time, Neverwinter guild members will be able to share real estate. The new Strongholds feature in the upcoming expansion gives players an opportunity to claim a piece of land as their own.

Before claiming land, though, guilds must first obtain a Stronghold map that shows a castle overrun by monsters and enemies. Players must purge the castle to lay claim to it.

From the developers’ blog:

When a guild first decides to build a stronghold, they gain access to their stronghold map, a massive piece of real estate (see our map blog for more information) overrun with monsters and enemies. Players can find a series of overgrown ruins scattered across the map — the remnants of a bygone age — and at the center lies the guild’s keep.

From there, guild members need only to clear rubble and overgrowth to build and add to their estate:

A group of dedicated NPCs works for the guild, keeping the affairs of the stronghold in order and offering quests to accumulate the resources needed to develop the stronghold. As the stronghold advances, those overgrown ruins are gradually cleared, allowing the guild to build structures on the plots.

After meeting the team, the guild must build their first structure, a lumberyard in a forested area near the keep. In order to build any structure, the guild must acquire various resources and place them in the guild coffers. These resources can come from heroic encounters, quests on the guild map itself, or from completing tasks throughout the rest of the game. Almost everything a member of a guild does can be used to help the guild advance in some way.

With the lumberyard constructed, the guild must decide what to build next. Each plot can hold a selection of structures. Some provide the resources the stronghold requires to grow, others provide unique boons to the players in the guild, while others aid the guild in massive stronghold PvP battles (more on this in a later blog post). With more structures available than plots on which to build, the guild will need to decide which structures support their playstyle (structures can be destroyed and replaced, if the guild decides to change direction).

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