Subnautica Holds a Sale to Benefit Whale and Dolphin Conservation

Exploring the oceans of Subnautica can grant one a sense that diving into the oceans of the real world can be a harrowing, dangerous and deadly experience. That said, the wildlife within those oceans is still worth protecting and so a special Subnautica sale is being offered to benefit charitable conservation efforts.

subnautica sale

From now until Monday, June 11th at 10am PST, Subnautica is marked down to 20% off on Steam and 15% of the net developer profits will be handed over to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation (WDC) charity, which works to end whaling and captivity, increase the protected living space for dolphins and whales, and champion for dolphin and whale rights.

“It’s really exciting for us to be able to work with WDC on the Oceans Day promotion and to be able to use Subnautica to help make a difference,” said Strategic Partnerships head Whitney Henderson of Perfect World Entertainment. “It’s wonderful to have the chance to increase awareness of the important work that WDC does to help keep our seas healthy and to give players the chance to donate to such a great cause.”

Abbie Cheesman of the WDC, who remarked that Subnautica is a popular title among supporters of the charity, continued: “We are so grateful for their generous support of our vital work to help protect our oceans and the amazing marine wildlife that call them home at such a critical time for many whale and dolphin species.”

Our Thoughts

Awe, good on you, PWE! We definitely hope that this fundraising drive offers up a nice chunk of change to the folks of the WDC charity so that further good work can be done to help protect marine life. And hey, you’re getting a really good survival sandbox at a discount. Win-win!

Source: press release

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