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The Tenth Anniversary Of Leeroy Jenkins Wiping His World of Warcraft Raid

Who here remembers the infamous Leeroy Jenkins? Even if you don’t remember the video of the Paladin charging through World of Warcraft’s Blackrock Spire and wiping his raid group, you’re sure to have heard of old Leeroy and his ultimate battlecry of:


Even if not, you must have heard the phrase: “Doing a Leeroy.”

leeroy jenkins world of warcraft - MMOGames.com - Your source for MMOs & MMORPGs

It was ten years ago on Sunday that the internet was introduced to Pals For Life and Leeroy’s crazed charge into a room full of dragon eggs, causing the absolute demise of the entire raid team. The video posted to World of Warcraft’s official forums went viral and became so famous that not only is it consistently referenced in World of Warcraft – with a “Leeeeeeeeroy” achievement added to the game and more recently, a Leeroy Jenkins Garrison follower whom you must help to finally get his Priest shoulders – as well as in Hearthstone with a card named after Leeroy, but it’s even gone beyond Blizzard’s games. To date, Leeroy Jenkins has been mentioned on Jeopardy, NPR, and an episode of Psych.

Sure, the meme became tired after a while, but that hasn’t stopped Leeroy from being a solid part of gaming culture and a tenth anniversary is certainly something to be lauded.

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