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TERA Launches Teaser Site for Knockout Update

On December 8, the Knockout update is coming to TERA: Fate of Arun and En Masse has created a new sub-section of its website to show off the details.

In addition to the much anticipated Brawler class, Knockout is going to be adding two new dungeons and higher tier equipment. The Brawler class is the first offensive tank in the game, featuring heavy armor, powerful fists, and high mobility. Instead of sitting there and face-tanking damage, the Brawler goes toe-to-toe with enemy monsters with powerful punches and counter attacks.

The two new dungeons in the Knockout update are going to be Dreadnaught and the Forsaken Island. Dreadnaught will feature new Tier 8 weapons and armor while the Forsaken Island will introduce the Tier 9 Starfall set. Moreover, these two new sets of weapons and armor will feature both PvP and PvE stats, which means players won’t have to carry two sets of gear anymore.

Our Thoughts:

The recent class additions to TERA, including the Gunner and Reaper, have been incredibly fun to play, and it’s not likely that the Brawler will disappoint. It’s unfortunate that the class will be gender and race locked, but the development team has stated that this decreases turn-around time for new content creation.

Source: En Masse Entertainment

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