TERA Online Officially Launched Today

TERA is a subscription-based, fantasy actionMMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio. Today, European publisher Frogster is happy to announce the official launch of TERA. Since midday today, players have been invading the 10 servers available from launch. Although pre-orders have now been closed and the head-start access completed, players can now purchase TERA either online or from most retailers for the suggested price of €49.99.


Players looking to become a Vanarch of a region within the political system of TERA have several weeks before elections. In order to run for Vanarch of a particular reason a player must be at least level 50 and leader of a level 3 guild with a minimum of 20 members. Vanarchs can set tax rates, change laws and rule over particular areas. One of the interesting elements of this system is a Vanarch can turn an area into an open-PvP zone, even on a PvE server.

Visit the official TERA site to find out more!

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