TERA Political System Abused By Guilds

TERA is a subscription-based, fantasy action MMORPG which can’t seem to catch a break. With drama over the Elin race, skimpy armor, and a myriad of other controversial topics, gamers haven’t cut this title much slack since release. Now, the playerbase is in an uproar once again as some players have utilized tactics which have ensured them a spot as Vanarch, supreme ruler of an area within the game world of TERA. Recently the developers introduced the ability for players to use Guild Vs. Guild battles as a method for participating in the political system.

The political system in TERA allows a Guild to control the various zones in the game and determine laws, such as whether open PvP is enabled, what the tax rate is, and more. A guild can rise to power either through gaining votes in an election, or by dominating other guilds in Guild Vs. Guild combat. Of course, if you already have a mind for these types of systems, you are probably already discovering how players may be abusing this system. Apparently some of the larger guilds are splitting off from each other and farming kills, the bigger the guild, the easier it is to take power.

Players are going crazy about this, petitioning En Masse to answer whether or not this is actually exploiting of game mechanics or not. Now, I come from the EVE playergroup, who doesn’t mind this sort of behavior if the players want to go to this sort of effort. Now, it’s not really fair that the biggest guilds can just band up and farm points to put themselves in power, but if they are the biggest guild then they are probably going to win anyways. I am not expecting many people to agree with me, but if you want to remain/become Vanarch then you just have to be a little smarter in how you approach doing it, befriend one of these guilds, make an agreement.

This kind of emergent behavior is great in my opinion, however this isn’t EVE and the playerbase aren’t quite as self-destructive as EVE players. The video at the top of the page is one I made a while ago, just having some fun on my PvP server and harrassing some people. It’s a joke video, about a few different ways to “grief” players, and quickly resulted in me being asked to stop publishing this kind of content as it isn’t want the publisher/developer wants the game to be portrayed as. Sadly, if you are going to have an outlaw and political system, these are the kind of behaviors that are going to be a massive part of your game.

Something needs to be done here, whether the system is re-designed to deter players from doing this, or its accepted as just part of the game world. Either way, there are players on both side of the fence who won’t be happy. TERA is introducing some minor sandbox elements which don’t fit very well in a themepark styled MMORPG, now they are realizing just how hard it is to keep control when you are trying to offer freedom. By the looks of it, GMs are saying it’s completely fine so far, and I am okay with this, honestly. If a guild is feeding themselves kills, team up with other guilds and go interrupt the fight, don’t just sit on the forums and whinge about it. Unless of course, if you are on a PvE server you are plain out of luck. Incoming rant if this becomes a bannable offence however.

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