Torchlight Frontiers Shows Off Gameplay and Details its Gamescom Demo

If you weren’t already being whomped over the head with the news, it’s Gamescom week and we’ll all be full of trailers. One of the latest in particular is a new Torchlight Frontiers gameplay trailer along with word from Echtra’s CEO about what the MMOARPG’s Gamescom floor demo will have on offer.

torchlight frontiers gameplay trailer

The Gamescom demo will let players at the show get some hands-on time with two of the game’s classes and a single dungeon map that will culminate in a boss fight. According to Echtra’s Max Schaefer, this particular scenario will best demonstrate both the world and gameplay beats of Torchlight Frontiers. Namely, carving up enemies and getting lots of loot.

If you’re not living in Europe or otherwise able to make it to Germany, the folks at IGN are the first to release that gameplay trailer we mentioned showing Torchlight Frontiers in action. I think I’ve got enough space in-between the headline and the embedded video, so I’ll stop typing now and just watch along with you all.

Our Thoughts

Yup, it definitely looks like a Torchlight game! We’re especially curious about the classes being displayed in the video and a couple of the mechanics being shown off, like the part where it looked like one of the players was laying down mine cart tracks. Also, we apparently get to play as a sword-swinging, gun-firing robot? Consider us signed up for that.

Sources: official site, YouTube

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