WAR2Glory Launches New Server

WAR2Glory is a Free to Play Online War Strategy Game set in the World War II era. Recently publisher Just A Game announced the launch of a brand new server, expanding the popular browser based strategy game. The new server brings new story driven missions for new and old players alike to complete, the new server is known as D-Day: Operation Overlord. The new story and missions are centred around D-Day and the events throughout Normandy and France during WW2.

MMORTS Online War Strategy Game WAR2Glory Military Screenshot

“We are excited to mark the upcoming first anniversary with this major D-Day: Operation Overlord launch,” said Simon Seefeldt, Senior Director Online at Just A Game.  “With the new server, it is almost like playing a second game that has the same basic controls but a whole new narrative.  Players will have to prepare themselves for new challenges and missions and we promise to continue offering new themes, missions and stories for our community.”

D-Day: Operation Overlord will require players to utilize the aid of their loyal Commander to recruit soldiers, amass an army and establish a presence in Europe and the war. Follow missions all throughout Normandy and France and discover the secret knowledge required to win the war.

Visit the WAR2Glory game page to find out more!

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