Warframe Mesa Update

Digital Extremes releases the newest update for its online action game Warframe. Version 15.5 introduces several new weapons,more missions and an all new Warframe, The gunslinger. Some key features are listed below. For more information on the new Mesa update, please see the official patch notes.


Mutalist Incursions:

– The Infested are taking over areas of the Solar System. You must try to stop them, Tenno!
– You will receive an Inbox message from the Lotus with instructions on how to earn the Bounty for four different Infested enemies – Tar Mutalist MOAs, Swarm Mutalist MOAs, Brood Mothers and Boilers.
– Infested Alerts will begin appearing in the Solar System. Visit the areas of the Solar System that are under attack to take down the Infested and earn the required amount of enemy kills for each of the four Bounties.



Mesa: The Gunslinger

  • Ballistic Battery: When activated, this power stores damage caused by guns. When triggered again, that damage is channeled through the next gunshot.
  • Shooting Gallery – Gives an ally extra damage while jamming the guns of nearby enemies. This power shifts between team members.
  • Shatter Shield – Envelops Mesa in a barrier of energy, reflecting back incoming bullet damage.
  • Peacemaker – With intense focus, Mesa draws her Regulator pistols, shooting down her foes in rapid succession.
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