This Week In EVE: May 1-8, 2015

Welcome back to this week’s edition of This Week in EVE! EVE Online celebrated their 12th anniversary this week, and we’ll be diving into the news of what they’ll be doing to celebrate, and of course, touching on the unfolding drama in New Eden!


News from New Eden


Tensions Rise Between Black Legion and BRAVE as they move into Fountain

In the last few weeks we have been closely detailing the events unfolding within the BRAVE alliance. Following a disastrous retreat from Catch ordered by Second-in-Command Liquid Drisseg, the alliance and the HERO coalition it belongs to was rocked when internal dissent culminated in a dramatic betrayal as Alliance Executor Lychton Kondur was forcibly removed from his position while he slept. The following weeks have been a fountain of drama as the coup was reversed when alliance leaders recognized they had been exploited by Diplomat Anna Niedostepny. Lychton Kondur was reinstated, his first action being to remove those guilty for his exile, before stepping aside to put affairs in order following the catastrophic series of events. Since that time, June Ting has taken over as interim leader of BRAVE and HERO, and the alliance has abandoned their home in Catch.

With Lychton back in action, things seemed to be looking good for the Brave Newbies as they brokered a deal with The Imperium to move to the recently vacated region of null-sec space known as Fountain. As it turns out, the move isn’t going to be as easy as they had hoped.

Black Legion have asserted their desire to control several systems within Fountain, and in the last two weeks they have initiated several successful campaigns to take systems that were originally intended for BRAVE.

As of yesterday, Black Legion have captured a total of 9 systems in a period of roughly 24 hours, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

During an address last week, June Ting had this to say:

“Black Legion previously took two systems in Satyr and Kraken during our transfer process, and has announced their desire to take the moons and systems of Chimera constellation by force. We will bring solid fights to oppose them rather than sit on our laurels and allow them to take Chimera uncontested. BRAVE, NAGA, and XPLCT all have substantial moon holdings in Chimera and Unicorn, so it is of high importance to us that we defend the moons we currently hold in the constellation and keep reinforced any moons that BL is able to take.”

While the conflict is only beginning to heat up, it remains to be seen how BRAVE intends to respond to the recent Black Legion threat. There is much speculation that BRAVE, after the events of the previous weeks, is simply unable to mount an effective defense due to losing too many pilots during the internal struggle. Others still suggest that BRAVE may simply be waiting for the massive changes in sovereignty that are expected to happen in exactly one month’s time.

Either way, we’ll keep you apprised as the conflict progresses.


Bug in Skin System was Glorious Window into a Colorful Future

Two weeks ago we detailed the new SKIN system that was coming to EVE with the Mosaic update. Well, last week a bug was detected that had some of the most glorious results. Players found a specific process which allowed them to apply any skin to any ship in the game, even though skins were intended to only be used on specific hulls. The results were beautiful, and despite the community begging CCP to keep the exploit, CCP Falcon announced that they had patched to bug.

In a reddit thread, CCP Falcon had this to say: “All I can say right now is that your questions and concerns have been taken on board, and we had a super healthy discussion about all this today, where everyone involved within CCP is very much on the same page :)”

People were understandably crushed. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite combinations, which you can view below:

EVE Online - Myrmidon

EVE Online - Golden Ships


Epic Clash Between Pandemic Legion and Circle of Two

On May 5th, Circle-of-Two, an alliance within The Imperium, was devastated by Out of Sight and Pandemic Legion during an operation to push locals out of systems within the Venal Region.

The campaign had been underway for several days, but came to a thrilling halt when a Battleship fleet supported by Capitals was pinned off of a station within Venal by Out of Sight Interdictors. Using bubbles that prevent warp drives from functioning, Out of Sight managed to hold the fleet while calling for reinforcements. Pandemic Legion was more than 50 jumps away, but due to a fortunate turn of events, discovered a wormhole system that bridged the gap significantly to just 6 jumps.

Pandemic Legion arrived too late to capture many of the Capitals, which had managed to escape the bubbles and warp away, but a significant Circle-of-Two force still remained. As the fight ensued, Pandemic Legion quickly changed tactics to focus down the Capital ships, and Mordu’s Angels arrived on the scene in bombers to deal the final blow to Circle-of-Two.

In total, around 220 pilots took part in the conflict, which amassed a total loss of 34 billion ISK.

You can watch a video of the engagement captured by a Mordu’s Angel pilot here:


Videos of the Week

Alright, let’s spice things up with some awesome video content for the week, shall we?

“This is EVE” was a trailer released last year that made waves through the online communities with its dramatic blend of action and real in-game communications. Late last month, several fans of CCP’s other game, Dust 514, got together to give the PS3 shooter the same treatment—and they did a fine job of it.

Yulai Federation released a propaganda piece today detailing one of their recent conflicts. The footage of the battle is incredibly well shot and does a great job of showing the fight minus all of the overwhelming information that a typical player would have to process. Sit back and enjoy those pretty lasers.


Kill of the Week


#REKKED Kills an Aeon in Domain

The last few weeks have been dominated by Super Capital kills in various regions of space, and it seems like this week will be no different.

#REKKINGCREW have made their second successful Super Carrier kill in the period of about 24 hours, making this the seventh Super Carrier kill in May. The Supercarrier was supposedly on its way to being sold, but was jumped in the system of Mai, notable for being the graveyard of many such systems.

What makes this particular kill interesting isn’t so much the fact that Supercarriers are worth more than my car, but rather the cat and mouse game that #REKKINGCREW underwent in order to catch this particular one.

In talking with EVENews24, #REKKINGCREW chief RoCkEt X detailed how their team managed to capture the ship.

“The aeon jumped in and warped towards a safe spot,” RoCkEt X told EVENews24. “We managed to probe him, but our probe hit was bad and we failed to get his exact spot. We jumped the fleet in and a couple of us went to work trying to decloak. Unfortunately we had no luck though whilst all the time he could be preparing an exit cyno.”

The team concluded that the cloaked Supercarrier was moving in a straight line. By aligning with the wreck of the ship that lit the beacon the Carrier pilot used to jump into the system, and lining that up with the bad probe hit, they were able to determine the ship’s trajectory. As ships began burning in that direction, it was only a short time until they bumped into the Super Carrier and decloaked it.

While the tactic used is nothing short of genius, what really made this a hilarious and noteworthy kill is upon being discovered and tackled, the character and his corporation were temporarily removed from the alliance they had only recently joined.

Letelio Denmun, Alliance Executor, said that the move to kick the pilot and his corporation from the alliance wasn’t intended to preserve their kill/loss standings, but rather to allow their own pilots a chance to get to the system and shoot their own comrade in an attempt to get in on the kill.

EVE Online - AEON Kill


Developer Blogs


Plex for Good Donates Money to Nepal

CCP is continuing their tradition of using EVE Online for good this week when they announced plans to help fund Nepali relief efforts following the devastating series of earthquakes that happened last week.

In a news post, CCP Falcon detailed how CCP would go about providing support and encouraging players to do the same. The gist of the effort is that players can use PLEX, the in-game item which can be bought for real money and redeemed for 30 days worth of game time, and donate it to CCP. Each donation (which is roughly valued at around $20) will also be matched by a $15 donation from CCP.

Even better, prominent community member Wingspan (who I interviewed last week) has also agreed to match any donations made up to 100 PLEX.

EVE Online might be an incredibly harsh place, but time and time people have proven that, at the end of the day, it’s just a game and helping people is more important.

On Reddit today, a post was made about a player who accidentally sold a ship for far below its going rate. When he contacted the buyer to plead his case, the buyer refused to return the ship or pay the proper amount of the ISK, but did provide proof that he donated on behalf of the seller urged him to do the same.

Even when you’re being unforgiving, you can still be noble.


Happy Birthday EVE Online!

This week, EVE Online celebrated its 12th anniversary! Keep your eyes peeled on Saturday as I detailed some of the more meaningful events that have happened in EVE history!

CCP, never one to pass up an opportunity to reward players, also announced in a developer blog that players could expect to redeem some pretty awesome rewards.

As of yesterday, all players can log in and redeem the following items:

  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3
  • Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4
  • Women’s ‘Gunner’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion)
  • Men’s ‘Marshal’ Jacket (Mordu’s Legion)

Those looking to complete their set of Genolution Core Augmentation implants can rejoice, as the CA-3 and 4’s will be free for everyone unable to afford their previous price of around a billion ISK.


That’s all for this week! Be sure to tune in next Friday as we dissect even more of the news unfolding daily in New Eden!

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