WildStar President Jeremy Gaffney Stepping Down

In a lengthy forum post made on the WildStar forums, Carbine Studios’ Jeremy Gaffney has announced that he will be leaving very soon as the company’s president. Instead he will be taking more of an advisory position within the studio and eventually move on to a different company all together.


Jeremy Gaffney

Why is he stepping down? Because some serious tragedies within the family have occurred, namely cancer taking the life of six of his family members, and he himself being diagnosed with the disease as well. Honestly, who wouldn’t stop working for a bit? This is what he had to say:

“I have a personal “no bullshit” policy (which I think I’ve infused Carbine with as well), so let me give some context here without getting too personal.

“Focusing on family” is most often, in my opinion, a horseshit excuse you hear from executive types (usually departing with a forcible shove).

In my case, it is part of my reason for stepping down – through 2013, my wife and I lost six members of our families to various reasons – mostly cancer. I myself was diagnosed at the end of last year with a fatal-if-untreated form of skin cancer. I had let it go untreated / undiagnosed for over 9 months while focusing on work instead. I dodged a bullet; surgery was successful and I’m cancer-free – but (if you ever go through anything similar you’ll know) that’s a hell of a wake-up call.” said Jeremy Gaffney.

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