WildStar To Release Pets and New Wardrobe System

Wildstar has just revealed new details about its upcoming update, INVASION: Nexus. The Lead Systems Designer Joe Piepiora has written a post about widening the player’s customization options with the addition of companion pets and cosmetic wardrobes.

Fluffy and adorable pets await their masters in the upcoming INVASION: Nexus update—all 54 of them, including a much requested Rowsdower, Lopp Deputy, Carrot Sproutling, Scorchwing’s Hatchling, Bumblebuzz, and Dynamo. These pets can be obtained through shiphands, vendors, monster loot, or as dungeons drops. Players may be able to summon one companion pet at a time.


The update will also introduce the Holo-Wardrobe, an upgraded costume system which allows the players to be in full control of their wardrobe without having the need to check with the Stylist for further modifications. As long as a player have unlocked a particular piece, like a helmet, the player will be able to use the appearance and dye it according to preference and save the appearance on an account-bound Holo-Wardrobe system. Costume items will no longer be stored in costume slots and Piepiora stated that “any items currently equipped in costume slots are going to be mailed back to the owner. The player also gets the ability to save item appearances to an account-wide list of available appearances.”

Joe Piepiora further noted:

“Both companion pets and the Holo-Wardrobe were created as a direct result to player feedback and requests. We’re always listening, and we heard loud and clear when you asked for pets and more flexibility when it came to player costumes. We had a great time creating these new systems, and can’t wait to hear how you like them once you’ve tried them out.”


Check out more of the upcoming pets to be released in Wildstar through their official website.

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