Win FREE Ohais for the Epic Vampire MMO; City of Eternals

Hubbers Win FREE Ohais for City of Eternals!

Ohai wanted to share with us that our giveaway promotions on MMOHub
were fantastic. They received a great amount of users, and very good
feedback from them that allowed us to improve City of Eternals.

We are very excited to finally launch the beta version of City of Eternals, with a couple of improvements:

Now players can:

– customize their house with thousands of furniture options
– hire friends as their vampire minions
– choose which of the five in-game vampire houses to align with, and
engage in house vs. house competition and player vs. player interation
– utilize a new in-game chat system with multiple channels

we received such a great response from MMOHub we would like to offer
each new user 100 ohais – our virtual currency that actually costs real
cash- to give them a head start on the game!"

Only the first 300 to MMOHub will get this special head start in this hot new Vampire MMO, so get on it now!



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