World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Revealed! Trailer & Details Inside!

Blizzcon is an exciting time of year for many reasons; one thing that excites me personally is discovering which of the past year’s wild and unscrupulous rumours turn out to be true. Readers will likely noticed that recently, some of these rumours have been talking about a new Pandaren expansion.

Turns out they were right.

Blizzard have today – just now – officially announced that the latest expansion content for World of Warcraft is to be named ‘Mists of Pandaria’, and will be arriving in typical Blizzard fashion with an increased level cap, new race and new class atop a stack of other juicy, presumably epic additions. 

(Bet you didn’t see that coming…)

Pandaren Playable Race

Pandaren Playable Race Screenshot MMO Games

Remember all those sneaky white lies Blizzard told us about the Pandaren never being a playable race? Pandaren are coming as World of Warcraft’s first ever neutral race, and will reportedly be able to choice whether to side with the Horde or Alliance. Pandarens introduction shouldn’t interrupt the balance of the game too dramatically, but it probably isn’t going to help faction bias on particular servers.

Pandaren racials:

Increases the stat benefits from food by 100%

Cooking skill increased by 15.

Your rested experience bonus lasts twice as long.

You take 50% less falling damage.

You touch a secret pressure point on an enemy target, putting it to sleep for 3 seconds.

Pandaren available classes:


Mists of Pandaria Screenshot MMO Games

Notice something strange just then? Is that a new class in the list?

Monk Class; New Hybrid Class

Pandaren Monk Class MMO Games Screenshot

What would a Pandaren expansion be without a monk class? Again, as what I assume is a push to maintain neutrality and not upset the balance of the existing game, Monks will be a hybrid class, capable of fulfilling damage, tank and healing roles. And best of all, this new class isn’t just restricted to Pandaren:

Monk available for the following races:

Night Elf
Blood Elf

Armor available for Monks:


Weapons available for Monks:

Fist Weapons
One-Handed Axes
One-Handed Maces
One-Handed Swords

New Zones; New Continent

New Zones on a New continent Screenshot

In total there will be six new zones available for high level players to explore, and what World of Warcraft has been begging for for a while now, a new continent. Listed below are the six new zones:

The Wandering Isle

The Wandering Isle Screenshot

An off-continent zone which lies in the oceans of Azeroth. The isle is rapidly being sucked into the Maelstrom and players must figure out what is going on and save the Wandering Isle before it is sucked into the abyss!

The Jade Forest

Jade Forest Screenshot

After a naval battle that ended poorly for both Horde and Alliance fighters, they washed up on the shores of this lush forest. Forced now to form alliances with the Pandaren if they wish to survive, many strange and wonderful powers are held in the Jade Forest.

Valley of the Four Winds

Valley of the Four Winds Screenshot

A farmland surrounded by dense jungles on one side and huge mountains on the other, home to great cooking and a certain famous brewery. Evil Malaise are terrorizing farmers however, and players must fight to protect this years harvest.

Kun-Lai Summit

Kun Lai Summit Screenshot

Home to the Temple of the Tiger, a training ground for elite Pandaren priests and a mysterious order known as the Shado-pan. Maarauders and Zandalari trolls have been invading the mountains and now the Padaren turn to the Alliance and Horde for help.

Townlong Steppes

This zone is yet to be revealed, but this area is seperated by Pandaria’s Great Wall and houses a great evil force. The people of Townlong Wastes are pandaren with different views, with lords ruling over a ruthless army they have begun to send their greatest warriors through the great wall to stop this invading force.

Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Another zone which hasn’t been revealed yet, the ancient seat of the Pandaren empire and a “lost-valley” shrouded in mist and blocked off by impassable mountains. Horde and Alliance now race to uncover the secret power, followed by some other unsavoury characters.

Mists of Pandaria Interior Screenshot

New Challenge Modes; Timed Runs

Blizzard is introducing a new feature to World of Warcraft; Challenge Mode. When players group up for a dungeon they will be able to select Challenge Mode, which allows parties to be rewarded for how quickly they finish a dungeon. The faster you finish a dungeon the higher your reward and the better the medal.

WoW Challenge Modes Screenshot

Rewards will be in the form of new armor art, new cool mounts, unique titles and more vanity style rewards. Blizzard states that these challenge modes will have rewards that are mostly cosmetic, and won’t provide players with any real advantage in dungeons.

Pet Battle System; Companion Pets Gain Purpose

Okay so uh, ever wonder what it would be like if your companion pets were Pokemon? Seems Blizzard thought it would be cool, I do too. Another big new feature is the Pet Battle System, players companion pets that they have collected will be capable of learning skills and levelling up. Players can duel other players companion pets in Pokemon style battles.

WoW Pet Battle System Screenshot

Still don’t think it sounds like Pokemon? Well how about this, the system will also introduce wild companion pets that you can come across out in the world, battle and tame. There is even a chance to run into wild are pets, and overall adds a new way to collect pets besides purchasing them or farming drops. Well I guess you will still be farming, just now it is all interactive and fancy-like.

Mists of Pandaria Screenshot

There is also a complete overhaul of the Talent system coming, with a new talent calculator in which details will be released for soon. Another feature which we don’t have many details about is Scenarios, players are said to be able to group up to take on ‘epic scenarios that will challenge you like never before’. We have a general idea what this will be, but you can be sure we will release details about both of these yet to be revealed features as soon as Blizzard announces it. That’s all for today, we hope you enjoy scouring through this information as much as we did!

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