World of Warcraft AMA Addresses Island Expeditions and Warfronts

If several aspects of the Battle for Azeroth end game don’t exactly strike your fancy, then rest assured that director Ion Hazzikostas hears you. A recent World of Warcraft AMA took several questions about Warfronts, Island Expeditions and several other talking points among the WoW community.

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Regarding Warfronts, the devs recognize that Alliance players are kind of left twiddling their thumbs a bit, but additional Warfronts are due in future updates that will run in a cycle that hopefully won’t have players sitting around watching the clock.

On the topic of Island Expeditions, Hazzikostas stated that feedback regarding underwhelming rewards and frantic pacing have been heard. Future updates to BfA will look to refine things like more events to make Expeditions feel less predictable. Meanwhile, a hotfix kicked out on the 14th has ramped up the drop rates for transmog items, pets, quest starters, and mounts.

Ultimately, the systems that power Island Expeditions are still being ironed out, with the hopes of applying the tech to other settings that feel appropriate for the “gogogo” pacing inherent in Expeditions.

There are a number of other matters discussed in the AMA, of course, so be sure you check out this handy-dandy summary if you haven’t done so already.

Our Thoughts

That’s ultimately the problem with trying something new sometimes; it can every now and again not work out quite the way you expected. Still, we hope that the recent improvements to drop rates help a little bit and that future updates to BfA will flesh out everything that much more.

Source: World of Warcraft subreddit

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