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World of Warcraft Bans 100,000 Accounts For Botting

If you’ve ever played World of Warcraft, you may be aware that the game often has major problems with bots, recognizable for their uninterruptible automated behavior. Some even came loaded with macros and emotes to make them seem more human when you came across them. Though more commonly through Warlords of Draenor was the practice of players loading up bots to run dungeons and raids for them, sit around fishing, or of course grind honor in battlegrounds and as this video below showcases – this one was getting particularly stupid.

It seems as though players assumed that Blizzard simply didn’t care about bots and thus it must be acceptable behavior when we see things like this, however, as proven last night that is not the case as while they may have taken their time in doing so, Blizzard finally sent out the banhammer on an estimated 100,000 accounts for “exploitation of game mechanics”. The ban will last for 6 months and while some claim they have never used botting clients though Community Manager Bashiok summed up the definition of botting via Twitter for anybody confused:

“Botting is defined as automation of any action, not just character movement. If a program is pressing keys for you, you’ve violated the [Terms of Use].”

Hilariously, around the same time as these bans went out, a group of players decided they would take it upon themselves to petition the White House to take action against Blizzard to change their Terms of Service it’s pretty much just dumb. Take a look.

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The moral of the story: Don’t do bots, kids.


Source: Reddit,, We the People

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