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World of Warcraft Legion Dungeon Race

A post on announced the World of Warcraft Legion Dungeon Race, a special event which pitted two teams of World of Warcraft streamers and YouTubers against one another in a race to complete two of the new dungeons that are coming to WoW with the Legion Expansion. The event took place on the evening of Thursday, 11 February, with a team representing Europe and comprised of World of Warcraft personalities Treckie, Bellular, Qelric, Alex and Loz facing off against a North American team of Towelliee, Killars, Monkioh, Tattva and Tovo.

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The first dungeon that was run through was the new Maw of Souls, a new dungeon which is not even part of the Legion Alpha yet. Youtuber Qelric recorded a video of the European team’s run:

The second dungeon that was run through was the Halls of Valor on Heroic difficulty. Once again, YouTuber Qelric recorded a video of the run:
The World of Warcraft Legion Dungeon Race was broadcast on Twitch TV live as well; a video of the offical broadcast coverage of the race is also available:

Our Thoughts:

It was fantastic to get a chance to see so many well known streamers and youtubers from the World of Warcraft community come out for this event. We would love to see more events like this in the future.

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