World of Warcraft Talks BFA Pre-Patch and Shares its Main Theme

Yesterday had yet another Q&A session with Ion Hazzikostas full of Battle for Azeroth answers as the expansion continues to work through beta and its ultimate global release. Among other matters were details about Battle for Azeroth pre-patch content, along with a few words on flight, gear and the expansion’s patch cycle. The devs have also decided to offer up the expansion’s theme for your listening pleasure.

battle for azeroth pre-patch

According to Hazzikostas, the pre-patch content will feature all of the expansion’s class changes; War Mode, the new Honor system and Honor talents; community and profession updates; and the stat squish. All of this content is heading soon to the PTR, as the test realm is being updated for 8.0.

As for other Q&A reveals, the broadcast covered the usual cornucopia of topics:

  • The inability to switch gear in Mythic+ is intended.
  • The buffing effect of Azerite will be proportional to the item level of the item, with higher-tier Azerite Armor being found in locked content like raids, weekly Conquest rewards and the weekly M+ chest.
  • The ability to unlock flying will not be part of 8.0; instead, it’ll be associated with a later point of the expansion.
  • BFA’s patch cycle isn’t going to focus on a regular schedule so much as focus on releasing content when the time is right.
  • No, Blood Trolls aren’t going to be a thing. The dev misspoke during that E3 interview and meant to say Zandalari Trolls.

Finally, the devs have shared the work of their “musical mages” and composer Glenn Stafford with the orchestral opening theme for Battle for Azeroth, which is titled “Before the Storm”. You can take in the epic tune in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

As ever, there’s plenty to unpack in this week’s Q&A, so we’d love to hear your thoughts on what’s coming to WoW, be it pre-patch content or BfA content or otherwise. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to listen to “Before the Storm” again.

Sources: Wowhead, official site

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