World of Warcraft Legion Review

WoW Legion: Blizzard Explains Lore, New Class

Since yesterday, Blizzard has shared a lot of details about their latest World of Warcraft expanion: Legion.

WoW Legion Details


World of Warcraft Legion

Since its announcement yesterday, the internet has been buzzing with rumors about World of Warcraft’s latest expansion. Legion sees the return of Illidan Stormrage (the primary antagonist of Burning Crusade), a new Demon Hunter class, and new artifact weapons, among other things.

In an interview with Tom Chilton and Ion Hazzikostas this morning, Icy Veins discussed the major details of Legion, touching on the game’s story, the new class, and the new artifacts.

Illidan Stormrage is Back


Given this is the first time a World of Warcraft expansion villain has been reintroduced, fans have been speculating about alternate dimensions and timelines. Chilton and Hazzikostas deny those rumors:

“This is the main universe Illidan.” they write. “There is no ‘alternate universe’ Azeroth going on. Gul’dan was banished through the Twisting Nether into our world, into our time today. The scene where Gul’dan discovered and awoke Illidan is part of the Demon Hunter experience and why the Legion is at this place – they came specifically for Illidan. ‘Maiev was out at the pub.'”

Wrathion also might be making a comeback. When asked to comment about making appearance in Legion, the developers simply replied “We’ll see.”

Furthermore, Karazhan, the location featured in the trailer, will play a major role in the expansion.

Demon Hunters

Demon Hunters will be a Heroic Class in Legion. Though their official levels have not yet been stated, players can expect them to start somewhere around level 95. Demon Hunters will specialize in leather armor and wield Glaives. Glaives are a weapon “pair” that fills both hand slots. New to World of Warcraft, Glaives have been developed specifically for this expansion.


World of Warcraft Legion

Players will have an opportunity to wield one Artifact weapon during the expansion. They will claim their weapon at the beginning of the expansion and use it throughout the story. Each Artifact will have a specific number of Relic slots, which will help determine item stats.

Existing Legendary weapons will remain unchanged. Artifacts are simply new weapons.


Source: Icy Veins

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