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XB1 and PS4 Players of Fortnite Experience Cross-Platform Play

New reports from the ongoing early access period seem to suggest that Fortnite cross-platform play was allowed between players on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One in the newly-released Battle Royale mode. Whether this is intentional or accidental, however, is anyone’s guess.

fortnite cross-platform

The accounts come from several players on the game’s subreddit, where players of the test build of Fortnite’s new mode reported seeing user names with spaces in them; something that’s possible with Xbox Live Battletags but not possible with PSN account names. There are multiple examples of the phenomenon happening being shared across the subreddit.

Another user even went so far as to take the above photo, where it appears that the PS4-playing redditor was able to stand back-to-back in-game with his son, who plays on Xbox One. Additionally, players are stating that searches were performed on discovered usernames just in case they were running into PC players.

As of this writing, there is no official word from Epic Games, Sony, or Microsoft about whether this was an intentional feature or if both console makers finally realized platform restrictions in online gaming is very, very stupid.

UPDATE – 9/18 4:36PM EST: Turns out that the brief few moments of unified play were unintentional. Polygon reports that an Epic Games spokesperson confirmed that cross-play between PS4 and XB1 players was occurring due to a “configuration issue”, which has since been “corrected”.

Our Thoughts

If the last sentence of the original story didn’t make it clear, allow me to repeat: blocking players from one another in a game that’s released on multiple platforms just because they didn’t spend money on your TV gaming machine is dumb. Knock it off.

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