Xbox Elite: Dangerous Receives a Major Update

Frontier released an update this morning for the Xbox Elite: Dangerous Game Preview, fixing bugs, optimizing graphics and audio, clarifying menus, and optimizing controller functionality.

Elite: Dangerous on Xbox

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Elite: Dangerous on Xbox caught MMOGames’ attention at E3, and Frontier’s latest patch appears to improve existing elements and fix almost all problems. Most notably, Frontier has fixed a lot of bugs that caused crashes, including problems in supercuise and drone authority transfer.

Here is a complete list of updates:


Client Side updates

  • Fixed crash in supercruise
  • Crash fix for drone authority transfer
  • Optimised shadows
  • Audio optimisations
  • Fix some account switching issues
  • Enabled compute FXAA shader
  • Cleaner network shutdown process
  • Fix low skilled ships appearing in RES points and conflict zones
  • Added overhead field to power overview page
  • Make headlook axes customisable on XB1, and the pitch is invertible
  • Rename the Main Menu’s “Start” to “Full Game”, for clarity
  • Various galaxy map usability improvements for controllers
  • Focusable UI elements now have a stronger focus indicator – including the whole left panel / popup panel themselves
  • Separate mesh for the galaxy map UI to fit within the safeframe
  • Default is the default controls preset


Server side updates

  • Fix number of visited systems statistic not updating
  • Fix incorrect part-exchange and insurance rebuy costs for ships
  • Reliability improvement in local starport news

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