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God Eater 2 Preview: Monster Hunter Lite for Goths

I’ll admit that the first time I noticed God Eater 2: Rage Burst about two years ago, I wanted to hate it. Maybe it was the Monster Hunter fanboy in me, or my culture shock rejecting the idea of having to study a new Japanese-only game. It could have been because it lured people at my game café to a platform I didn’t own (PlayStation Vita), but I had assured myself that it probably sucked. However, while I still haven’t been won over by it, I can at least see the appeal.

Bare Basics

At least for the demo, the first thing I noticed about the game was its accessibility, or at least at the start. I’m making a lot of assumptions though, and Bandai Namco may have just had a smart demo, but their other first party titles that I had hands-on recently felt like they were mostly ripped from the game rather than built for the event. While you still need a tutorial, at least as a Monster Hunter vet, things felt streamlined. It’s still a lobby based open world dungeon crawler with a roaming boss, just like the MH series, but it feels less surgical.

The MH series is know for having environments filled with stuff you need to collect but restricting your pack space to prevent it. You’re thrown into levels where you’re given the bare minimuml supplies needed to achieve victory, forcing you to bring your own survival gear or even make extras on the spot. MH asks you to live off the land, using bugs and poop to make tools, herbs and honey to heal you, and meat to sustain stamina. You wear the bodies of the beasts you fell and cleave off their tails with the claws of their parents.

In God Eater 2, I was some stylish student with weird, beast chomping weapons, killing monsters and picking up shiny stuff they left behind. I was often able to leap over obstacles and monsters alike at any time, anywhere, a move both new and conservatively utilized in the MH series. Maybe some of the shiny stuff I picked up turned into the medicine I used to heal, but I didn’t notice a lot of environment asking me to put it in my pouch. The game felt more asian-fantasy-goth than the dino-hunter-fantasy I’m used to.

God Eater 2 Preview

There are some key differences, but once again, I can use Monster Hunter comparisons to help explain the. All weapons God Eater 2 are like MH’s switch axe, where you attack with a melee weapon to power a secondary weapon, but in GE2 these all seemed to be ranged weapons. For example, I used a kind of scythe for melee combat in order to power my cannon secondary weapon. It certainly had style and was enjoyable, as the MH switch axe is probably one of my favorite weapons, so a whole game devoted to balancing a meter to charge a more powerful weapon while avoiding “wasting” unnecessary weaker attacks is appealing.

However, perhaps because my character is dressed so finely, I didn’t experience any kind of body part cutting MH is known for, just collecting “tears,” or sparkling bits left on the ground from monsters you brutalize that will help you craft your gear and supplies.

Admittedly, I’m still biased towards the Monster Hunter series as it’s older and one I’ve sunk more time into. However, it’s hard to ignore the fact that it is often difficult to get started in, and God Eater 2‘s simple starter experience combined with a weapon powering mechanic may make it more appealing, especially as its a PC title coming to Steam August 30.

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