Logitech G910 Orion Spark Keyboard Review

A few years ago Logitech was a company that wasn’t really associated with top tier gaming peripherals. Recently, however, they’ve made leaps and bounds as far as research and development goes, and they now have some of the better products on the market to compete with companies like Razer, SteelSeries and Corsair. Continuing with this trend of relevant and boundary-pushing products, their latest entry into the competitive gaming scene has been launched with the Logitech G910 Orion Spark mechanical keyboard. The Orion Spark is a step up from the G710+ and offers the same quality with more than 16.8 million color options.



Mechanical keyboards have definitely made an impact on the world for both businesses and gamers. Many people have found them more responsive and reliable whether it’s writing a paper or capturing flags. So what is it exactly that makes the G910 Orion Spark so much different than the rest? Well the initial difference is the aesthetic choice. The Orion Spark is a very edgy looking keyboard; it’s clearly built with gamers in mind as it resembles something out of a Michael Bay film. It’s definitely flashy and something that won’t be confused with any other product on the market, and if standing out is important to you this one gets the win.


This design choice screams gaming keyboard.

Not only is this one mean-looking keyboard, but the G910 is also incredibly functional. While the sharp edges might look like a visual design choice, they also improve key stroke accuracy. Each individual key has angled side facets that essentially help your fingers grip to the keys that you want them to. There’s no more wrong hand placements due to fingers sliding off the keys causing a missed headshot or having to rewrite your last few sentences. In addition to hand placement becoming more reliable, the keys are as well. According to Logitech, their keys have been tested for 70-million keystrokes and a dual-contact redundancy guarantees that key activation is always at the same point. Finally, ghosting is a thing of the past with 113 key anti-ghosting protection.



In a very surprising move Logitech has decided to distance itself from the pack and switch from Cherry MX keys to their own exclusive Romer-G switches. While I’ve personally been a fan of Cherry MX in the past, I understand that from a business perspective it more than makes sense to not want to rely on an outside source for major components. That being said, the Romer-G switches do feel pretty nice. They’re a shallow key, with about 25% less contact distance than most mechanical switches, and feel similar to a Cherry MX Brown. There’s very minimal clicking, a quick response and the keys have little resistance but still managed to feel durable.


The shape and design of the keys provide reliability and responsiveness.


However, after primarily using Cherry MX switches for the last two years it does take some time to get used to the Romer-G feel. Instead of determining whether these keys are better or worse it more likely comes down to personal preference. While key feel might be preferential, they do have the advantage when it comes to light leakage. Because the keys are so close to the keyboard and the LED backlight design evenly shines light through to the surface, the key lighting is clean with virtually no light spillage around the rest of the keyboard.



The quality of the switches, and the keyboard in general, is hard to argue with, but for $179.99 this one better have some tricks up its sleeve. Even though it probably won’t make you a better player, the G910 is a premium keyboard that is all about options. Through the use of the Logitech Gaming Software any key on the keyboard can be customized. There are a number of default modes including color wave and cycle, but custom zones with their own unique colors can be created or removed at will. This allows for incredibly tailored lighting that is great for specific games or even genres. There’s also the option to set individual keys or only show active keys for a particular game. My only major complaint is that key lighting can’t be configured to change when a specific game is launched, which would allow for extremely dynamic lighting options.

Even though the entire keyboard can’t be tailored for specific games it doesn’t mean that the G keys can’t. The custom G keys on the Orion Spark have been moved to both the outside left and top of the keyboard. This puts them in an optimal position for pretty much any gamer. I’ve personally never found them to be particularly necessary before, or even convenient, but there’s only so much that can be done with the space available. For those who do plan on using the G keys there are 9 total keys with 3 separate profiles, which means up to 27 customizable keys for every game. Profiles for the G keys can be setup to launch with particular games so they don’t have to be rebound between gaming sessions.

What brings the lighting and profiles together is the Arx Control software. This is a custom smartphone application designed by Logitech to function as an LCD screen instead of having one built into the G910 with added cost. A smartphone tray is also built into the keyboard, however, it is the cheapest feeling part on it and clashes slightly with the rest of the design. The Arx Control links your keyboard, phone and PC to allow for on-the-fly changes to keyboard and mouse profiles, DPI settings, monitor computer usage and even launch games. Although it doesn’t really do anything new, the Arx Control application brings together a lot of functionality in one neat package. It’s also not only exclusive for the G910 and can work with many other Logitech products.

Arx Controls complete the integrated PC experience.

Arx Controls completes the integrated PC experience.


The Logitech G910 Orion Spark is a stellar keyboard in general and is even better for MMO players. Quality and the amount of customization that can be done is great, hopefully even better in the future, and it has more additional features than anyone could possibly ever use. The Romer-G keys might take a bit of getting used to, but they still feel comfortable and responsive. Price is currently the only debilitating factor and $179.99 is quite high for a keyboard, but the features make up for it if it’s within your budget.


  • Comfortable feel
  • Gorgeous design
  • Lots of extra keys
  • Arx Control software integration


  • Price tag
  • Limited lighting options

Overall: 9/10

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