Warflare Alpha Preview

Browser games have gradually evolved over time, catering different playstyles and integrating various mechanics from its client-based cousins in the comforts of our web browsers. Despite the massive amount of browser games available today, this MMO category is still very young, which leaves a lot of room for improvement and growth with each new release. It’s very intriguing to know that we may all end up playing our favorite MMOs within the comforts of our web browsers in the near future, eventually removing the hassle of downloading giant patches and client installation.


We, at MMOGames, were given the opportunity to test Warflare, an upcoming MMORPG browser game by Gamebox, the same company responsible for familiar titles like Odin’s Quest, Rise of Mythos and Inferno Legend. I can’t stress this enough—the game feels like a mixture of Diablo 3 and Cabal Online all mixed into one browser-based package.


Jumping In!

The first thing I noticed about the game is its unusually diverse set of classes. So far, the alpha test only featured generic archetypes such as the Male Worrier (which I assume is just ‘Warrior’ misspelled), Male Mage, and Female Archer. Two other classes, namely the Tutor and Dark Knight, seem to have been greyed out from the class selection screen and may come at a later time. We’re still boggled as to why the last two characters mentioned did not carry a specific gender next to their names. Unisex perhaps?


As far as diversity of playstyles go, most of the classes SEEM to play differently; however, after playing with the three available classes, we have come to the conclusion that the difference between characters are almost merely aesthetical. Each of the characters seem to be capable of dealing with multiple enemies, considering the fact that they all have their own set of AOEs and single-targeting spells, somewhat indicating that it is possible to solo the game (much like Diablo). Keep in mind that the game is still in its early stages, so nothing is set in stone as of yet.


Warflare Questing Is A Breeze

To those who are unfamiliar with browser-based MMOs, Warflare also shares the same auto-pilot system used by its predecessors. Although you are given the option to manually kill enemies and fulfill minor fetch quests, you can also let the AI do all the work simply by clicking on the ‘Continue Quest’ button on the right side of the screen. This will prompt the system to do all the grinding for you. I actually found this system quite effective, as the AI was gracious enough to loot chests, use potions, hop from one quest-giver to another without specific commands. I for one still prefer to play manually, but at least there’s an option to gain progress while slacking off (a rather effective option).


Why Cabal Online?

Much like the early stages of Cabal Online, the monster species in the game are segregated into small parts of the map, kind of like a zoo of sorts. Related quest-givers are also conveniently located near the species in question, making it easier for players (or the bot) to kill N number of Frosty Wolves and surrender quests without hassle.


More Into The System

The combat system is highly reminiscent of Diablo 3. The game only allows characters to carry four skills at a time. Funny enough, once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize that four is all you’ll ever need to purge the ending hordes of evil. AOE skills also allow players to neutralize numerous threats at a time, allowing them to finish kill-quests and mow down dungeon mobs faster.

Speaking of dungeon runs, Warflare also has series of special dungeons that are unlocked at a given time. Much like the traditional MMO dungeons, these timed-runs offer better gear and a variety of rare items, so I suppose there are tons to look forward to everytime it refreshes.

Dat Steed

Dat Steed

Perhaps the most hilarious (and unique) feature the game has to offer is its over-the-top mount system. Unlike other MMORPGs, your mount can actually fight alongside you when facing a big number of monsters. My horse, example, transformed into a humanoid shortly after I engaged my target. It kinda reminds me of ‘Bravestarr’ in a way. It’s strange, I know, but I do appreciate the extra hand… or hoof.


A Familiar World

Tyrael! So this is where you've been hiding!

Tyrael! So this is where you’ve been hiding!

As far as aesthetics go, the game is quite visually pleasing for a browser game; although, it has come to my attention that the game recycled a few images found in other games and integrated it into their own. One solid example would be the angel states reminiscent of Tyrael (Diablo 3) found in one of Warflare’s main towns. The interface, as well as the spell icons also seem tad familiar. As for the character models, I can say that they look appealing considering that the game runs 100% on your browser. Those looking to eradicate texture load times can also download the game’s 1 MB client form for 888 diamonds, which I assume will be one of the game’s premium currencies.


Effort vs Cold Hard Cash

I wouldn’t go as far as the claim that the game is ‘Pay to Win’; infact, I actually managed to reach high levels without the need to pay for premium (that, and the game is still on its early stages). Nothing in the game really forces you to pay. I was never put in a position where I felt the need to shell out cash for damage boosts and the likes. I do, however, expect that premium subscribers will be able to finish tasks faster than the average user once the game comes out. A bit of a drag, I know, but that’s how free-to-play games work, right?

To players who don’t want to spend a single cent: almost everything in the game is attainable through effort…


Things To Look Forward To

In the congested world of browser-based MMO games, it’s really hard to give users a solid recommendation given the gradual similarities present on almost every iteration. On the other hand, this does not mean that Warflare is just another title in a sea of shovel-ware. If you’re looking to play something that feels, plays, and somewhat looks like Diablo 3 within the confines of your web-browser, then I suppose this game is worth waiting for.

If you’d like to try Warflare out for yourself head over to our closed beta key giveaway then go to the official Warflare website to redeem it!

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