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Yulgang 2 First Impressions Preview

Another Martial Arts Themed MMO

Hello and welcome to my Yulgang 2 first impressions preview. I dragged my partner in crime to try out Cubizone’s Yulgang 2 just to see what the hype was all about. I was pretty optimistic since I have never encountered a disappointing game from them at the same time I have always been a fan of Oriental themed MMOs like Age of WuShu though I have yet to try the game (Jet Li even advertised for the game hehe!). And how can anyone not include Perfect World or Jade Dynasty into the list? There are lots of other games that fall into the same category as these three, too bad we don’t exactly have enough time to talk about all of them.

Yulgang 2

I’d figure Jet Li would be here to greet me, guess not.

Anyway, Yulgang 2 is also known as Scions of Fate 2, a free to play MMO with an utterly unique gameplay / combat system where in you need to level the skills and combos to unlock new sets of skills. The game was developed by KRGSOFT Entertainment and Mgame, and they started their Closed Beta Test December 23, 2013 and concluded January 2, 2014 and the much anticipated Open Beta for South East Asia began 14th of January 2014 (+8 GMT). The moment you log into the game, the intro clip was already quite fascinating. It tells the It tells the story of two factions, Order and Chaos. How they united into defeating the once strongest martial arts clan known as Shinji that tried to dominate the whole of Murin. But eventually their alliance deteriorated and both sides are now locked in continuous battles for supremacy. I enjoyed taking my time watching the whole thing before it directed me to the part where in you can choose which server you wish to play on.

Creating Your Toon

The first step to character creation is choosing a faction and of course there we have Order and Chaos. It’s not surprising to assume that there is some difference in combat skill or other features based on which faction you choose like the talks during the first version of the game, Scions of Fate (Yulgang). So feel at ease knowing no matter what side you choose, you can expect that everyone, whether amongst your faction comrades or the opposing team, will have the same advantage and disadvantages in the game. The stats are also automatically set unlike with most games where in you’ll have to manually build your character’s stats. I guess we can say that the deciding factor will be in the gear and combat know-how.

Character customization offers a decent set of options for certain set of features like height, body shape, face, hair and facial features which include some cool facial markings or tattoos. So like most games nowadays, you’ll have a pretty wide wiggle room in making your character looking as cool and pretty or as unique and quite amusingly freaky as you want it to be.

Entering The Game: Beginning of the Story

You’ll enter the game as a captive and dying from poison in Bloody Jeokru’s secret cave. Han Mujin wakes you up to help you escape after giving you a cure for your poisoned state. He will also be your guide to learning basic movement and combat.  As you make your escape, you’ll come across other heroes poisoned and imprisoned like yourself, breaking them out of their jail cells and taking them with you in exiting the cave. Before you and Hero Han (Han Mujin) part ways with the others you’ll learn that they were lead by a false rumor of the 8 treasures of Murin, they went there to confirm it but ended up being poisoned, captured and left to die just as you were at the beginning of the game.

Yulgang 2

If it ain’t, may I have all your stuff?

After parting ways with the other heroes, Han leads you to Soft Wind Camp for Order and Black Rock Camp for Chaos where you’ll learn other basics like different types of gathering and crafting, that you can level as you go along, as part of your first set of quests inside that small village.

Controls & Navigation

Pressing F2 gives you four different control options as it was shown in the tutorial phase at the beginning of the game. The game movements may take a short while to get used to and I’d have to admit it felt a bit awkward at first since even the usual game settings you find in other games doesn’t feel right to move around with.

  • Mouse Mode – is probably the most familiar settings you’ll find in almost every game. Left clicking triggers basic attack and left click is the secondary attack. You can also move around with point and left-click or W A S D.
  • Keyboard Mode – the difference between this one and the mouse mode is that the basic and secondary attack and also the left – click to move function are all removed from the mouse. You can still attack monsters with double (left)- clicking but I think this mode is the least usable amongst the settings.
  • First-Person Mode- I am guessing the game itself was set to first-person mode by default. It is the easiest one to use, except for those awkward newbie moments where in you need your mouse cursor to click something and it just ain’t there! But like I said newbie moments because it was clearly stated that you have to hold down ALT key for it to appear (eh…hehe..) Targeting isn’t a problem also, by toggling V and J you can lock on a target and just spam skills while moving around.
  • Custom Mode- I guess if First-Person mode still can’t suit your movements, you can always customize your own set of controls and shortcuts . No harm there.

Character Classes

  • The Warrior Class – surprisingly annoying because of their juggling and knockdown skills. When timed correctly, it can be their main key to turn the tables to a warrior’s advantage. They are not tied to just close-range combat too, they also have reliable ranged skills. Their health and defense makes them the only suitable tanking class in the game.
  • The Archer Class – their best advantage against other classes aside from the debuffing and immobilizing abilities is having the longest attack range compared to the rest. Archers prove to be quite formidable but will have to combine their great skills with the precise sense of timing and understanding how their combos work specially when up against other classes in PVP
Yulgang 2

Beefy armor? Check. Kickass giant epic shiny sword? Quadruple check.

  • The Healer Class – my favorite class in Yulgang 2. They said that archers may be able to spam skills faster than the rest but I’d have to beg to differ. Not only do healers spam their abilities faster than others, their normal attacks alone are quite useful as well. Not only does it damage the monster you’ve got your target locked on but it also damages the others around your target that you are attacking, and charging your other spells at the same time.My highest character in Yulgang 2 is only level 27 but I can say for sure that I haven’t encountered a single monster in the game that was NOT aggro (aggressive), they also spawn in groups of two to three and often too near other monsters. In short, you’ll often be forced to fend them off as a mob. I can go on about how Healers are quite self sufficient even combat wise but they will eventually need company for more complicated quests.
  • The Mage Class – Like in most games, mages may have the least health and defense points but their insane damage can definitely compensate for what they lack. may it be PVP or PVE, Mages are absolutely a force to reckoned with. All the more a mage in this game that is quite adept in using the proper combos and skills against specific enemies.

The Assassin class for SEA was supposed to be released to Yulgang 2 SEA February 19, 2014 unfortunately it was delayed for some reason. Then again we can expect a proper update from Cubizone since they have been doing quite an awesome job keeping everyone informed specially via Facebook. They said they would be planning to release somewhere in the future, so I guess we just have to wait.

Skills and Combos

What’s a Martial Arts MMO without the gravity defying jumps and other super moves? Of course Yulgang 2 has all that. I also read how they game’s combat movements were derived from actual martial arts movies. Pretty cool eh? But let us start with Skill Tome.

Yulgang 2

Teach me the ways of the Kung-Fu.

A Tome is a book that contains unlockable skills. This book gains experience every time it is used during combat and unlocks different skills once the book itself reaches certain levels. You’ll receive your first Skill Tome at the very beginning of the game (during tutorial). You’ll receive another book at level 20 as a reward. It is also easy to toggle between Skill Tomes / books, depends on your preference of course, I for one would like to see the whole skill tree unlocked. All you have to do is drag them to separate shortcut slots then just execute. More skills can be collected along the way either via achieving a certain level, quest reward or monster drop.

The Air Sprinting is a unique feature of Yulgang 2. It allows your character to dash at an amazing speed,  jump high, run on air and execute attack combos while in flight. The skill can be used at any time but take note of your Air Skill Vitality bar (that blue bar at the bottom with your character’s name on it). When your vitality runs out, your speed goes down to normal nor will you be able to do anymore attacks but fear not! It easily regenerates.

Yulgang 2

Breaking the sound barrier!

There are so many other things I have yet to explore in Yulgang 2. I haven’t even talked about crafting yet or the Farm system that they have in game but I feel like it’s such a crime if I just talk about them without having gathered enough information about these game features. So I’ll be sticking to the game for a while longer, unlock more skills and see the rest of the features! Hopefully I can write a continuation to this one. I also wish the Assassin Class is out by then too!

Check out their official trailer and tell me if that doesn’t get your hand itching to try out the game!

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