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Welcome to the brand new MMO Fun section! You can choose between all the fun things on MMOGames from here. Especially for our visitors we have created the best and most interesting pages which you love to look at. There are more pages coming up soon as well, to keep up the fun! We will offer information through our upcoming Newsletter and website updates regarding what’s new on the site. Game on!

Choose your destiny


Beta Data

MMO Surveys

MMO Web Comics

Feedback_ Suggestions


MMO Fun Pages Coming Soon:

  • The MMOGames Writing Team
  • The MMO Graveyard
  • Game Events 2017
  • The MMO Quiz
  • Game Release Calendar
  • The Best Gaming Memes
  • Game Awards 2017


We’d love to hear which of these you would like to see first! Drop us a line via the Feedback & Suggestions page and we’ll take note of your preference. We’ve got a ton of ideas, and we’ll be working on each of them one by one.

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