Featured Columns

Featured Columns

On MMOGames we have several columns that are updated on a regular basis. Many of them are about a specific game but there are others which cover other topics as well. Below are all our current columns with the ones that have been retired below them.The current columns are listed according to the day of the week they’re published on.



Eorzean Evening Post

Eorzean evening post

The official Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn column for MMOGames. Find the latest information and thoughts from columnist Erin McManaway.


Being a Hero

Heroes of the Storm Guide Being a Hero

We explore theory crafting and build optimization with Justin Foster every Tuesday. Be sure to check this out if you want to improve your Heroes of the Storm game.



WoW Wednesday


Adventure in Azeroth with Alternative Chat every Wednesday. A weekly look at all things World of Warcraft.



The Tyrian Chronicle

GW2 Banner

A weekly look at Guild Wars 2 and the upcoming Guild Wars 2 expansion Heart of Thorns with Tessa.



Beta Data

Beta Data

Get a list of every MMO/MOBA/Online Game beta going on and coming up very soon. It includes current Kickstarter campaigns and beta giveaways from MMOGames.





Once a month, we put two games against each other, take them apart and declare which is better. Games, mechanics, features, nothing is off limits.


Play of the Fortnight

Overwatch play of the fortnight

Every other Saturday, Psyche helps us improve our Overwatch game.



The Weekly Wizard

Wizard 101 column

We take a deeply detailed look at wizardly wisdoms from Wizard101 in our weekly column, provided by Karissa Leanne.


Retired Columns


Massive Thought

Massive Thought

A look at research into MMOs and gaming plus the impact it has on day to day life.


Hasla Herald


A column focusing on Trion’s sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge.




A weekly streaming schedule for studios, major eSports events, and more.


The Nexus Times

Nexus times Banner

Focusing on anything and everything Wildstar.


Top of the Week

top of the week 4 Banner

A look at the top articles, news, videos, and more from MMOGames.


MOBA Monday

MOBA monday

A weekly look at the MOBA industry featuring thoughts on the MOBA scene from MMOGames’ resident eSports experts Jacob Crawford and Nick Shively.

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