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How to Take a Screenshot in an MMO in 3 Easy Steps

So you want to post a screenshot of your favorite game on social media to share with all your friends and fellow gamers? Put down your phone, you won’t need it. Have a fancy camera? You won’t need that either. All you need is your computer, a keyboard attached to it and to be logged in to your favorite game. This simple guide will take you through all the steps of creating beautiful screenshots that people will adore.

GW2 Screenshot Sylvari Waterfall

Step 1. Find a Subject

Want to take a screenshot but aren’t sure what to take one of? Your character is always a great place to start! Share your character’s awesome look. But remember to be aware of your surroundings. Find somewhere peaceful where you aren’t likely to be interrupted by shambling undead creatures. In a future guide I’ll talk in more detail about things like framing your screenshot, for now just make sure you can take the screenshot without interruption.


This is not a screenshot.

This is not a screenshot.

Step 2. Taking the Screenshot

Once you’ve got yourself in place and you have your camera angle set up just the way you want it take your screenshot by clicking on the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Sometimes keyboards shorten it to Prt Scr. On standard keyboards you can find this button in the top right corner. Have you pressed it? Congratulations! You’ve taken a screenshot!


Note: Some games use C instead of Print Screen, the C is short for Capture. Why games do this the world may never know. The overwhelming majority of games will use Print Screen. So there’s no need to worry about this until later when you can’t find your image.

It has also been pointed out by our good friend Stargrace that many games on Steam use F12 to take a screenshot. Thanks for the tip!

WoW Let Me Take a Selfie


Step 3. Posting Your Screenshot

Locate where on your hard drive the game saves your screenshots. Most games will tell you in the chat box where the file is located and the name of it. If your game doesn’t then a simple search from the Start menu will quickly locate it for you. Once you’ve found it post that image all over the internet! In a future guide I will discuss how to make quick edits to your screenshots to take out any undesirable areas or to put more focus on one part.


Congratulations on learning how to take a screenshot!


Next time you see someone post a picture of their screen taken with a camera send them this simple guide so they too can learn how to take amazing screenshots of beautiful games.

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