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Best and Scariest Horror MMOs

Do you like to get scared from time to time, either with some spooky stuff or something gory? Vote for the Best and Scariest Horror MMOs and let us know which games we shouldn’t play with the light out!

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There’s something in us that attracts us to the dark side of things. A fascination with death, the occult or plain gore. Whether our interests come from pure curiosity, a strange kinda coping mechanism to deal with our own mortality, or the fun we can experience in something that is otherwise dead serious (pun intended), most of us like to get scared in one way or another. We go on roller coasters, watch scary movies, or play exciting games. It’s not strange that there are also MMOs that try to raise your pulse and make you jump out of your seat, because what else is better than to share those moments with your friends?

What we would like to know from you is what is the best and scariest horror MMO? Vote for your favorite scary game and please also share your experience in the comments. We can’t wait to get freaked out by your stories and experiences! There are some truly frightening games on this list.