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Best Sandbox MMO 2014

We’re coming up on the end of the year and that means award season is once again upon us. Until December 31st you can vote on your favorite Sandbox MMO of the year. For some of us MMO gamers the sandbox answers a lot of our wishes. Which is the Best Sandbox MMO 2014? Vote now to ensure they make the final list.

Rules for Voting

  • One vote per person every 8 hours
  • Please play the game before you vote
  • Leave suggestions in the comments, we can add them!

The requests for games like Sandbox MMOs have been around since the beginning of online gaming, but in the past year we have seen the largest progress ever. New titles are coming out and serve us those many hours of exploration and creation. While this genre of gaming is not for everyone, they are rapidly growing in popularity. There is a lot of experimenting going on, some games are very promising, and others don’t offer enough to keep playing. Which Sandbox MMO has been the very best in 2014? Cast your vote now to ensure eternal fame and continued support for your favorite Sandbox.

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